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BuyLevel seeks to make retail fairer, more transparent, and more profitable. Our data-driven product positioning campaigns, retail partnerships, and intelligent brand matching algorithm maximises profits for brands, consumers, and retailers.

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Democratising in-store real estate.

BuyLevel enables rapid product placement, deployment, and expansion,for new and existing brands.

Retailer has in-store retail space & want to maximise value. Retail locations auto-selected based on the brand's customer profile Pricing & terms negotiated; transaction agreed, wholesale product ordered. Fulfillment carried out by 3rd party distribution network Brand has new or existing product & want to optimise sales. Product is sold on retail shelf.

We expand opportunities brands have to be stocked with top retailers using agile positioning, an innovative wholesale platform, and unique analytics for your product. BuyLevel benefits local stores by making them more competitive with online retailers, offers new opportunities to new and established brands, and enables greater choice and convenience to consumers.